Wolf Cave
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Wolf Cave - Life before the Ice Age

A trodden floor and stone tools from over 120,000 years ago. They are proof of human life on Wolf Mountain before the Ice Age covered the land for thousands of years. Wolf Cave is a unique attraction; there is nothing like it anywhere else in the Nordic countries. The terrain around Wolf Cave is abundant with signs of the Ice Age, and the cave itself is the oldest known human dwelling in Finland. Wolf Cave and the surrounding environs tell a story from thousands of years ago.

Wolf Cave is located in Ostrobothnia on the borders of Karijoki municipality and city of Kristiinankaupunki. It is the most important archaeological site of Finland and it is visited by thousands of people yearly. These pages provide information about the cave itself, exhibitions, services and other local tourist attractions in the area. Our pages also include our contact information and a Contact form that you can use when wanting to give us feedback or making closer inquiries of our services.

We warmly welcome you to the magical feeling of past in the Wolf Cave!

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